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The main services of COSENT Center are as follows:


Measure and inspect the working environment, consult the implementation of necessary records in the activities of environmental protection, occupational hygiene and safety as prescribed;

Monitoring and making reports on environmental monitoring;

Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Environmental Protection Plan;

Make a register notebook of waste generator , hazardous waste, discharge report;

Report on underground water exploitation;

Consultancy, design, construction, operation and maintenance Waste water treatment system, water supply;

Consulting, implementing the planning, emergency response measures (Chemicals, oil spills, ...);

Consulting and implementing the Analysis Report and Qualitative Risk Assessment, Half-Qualitative and Qualitative Risk (QRA) for contructions.

Provide training on occupational safety for target groups in accordance with the law and unit demand;

Training in short / specialized courses on labor safety & environmental protection at the request of the unit.

Researching and developping tools, management solutions, science, technology and techniques in the prevention and control of environmental pollution sources; to overcome pollution, to improve the environment in labor, to improve the quality of the environment and the living conditions of the local residence;

Researching and building the solutions for labor safety and environmental protection associated with climate change response; biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of ecosystems;

Researching and building a system for evaluating and recognizing technologies, products for application in environmental protection.